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Clover Chemicals aims to fully comply with environmental legislation and has governmental consents for all its on-site operations. 
The company objective is to identify areas where the environmental impact of their operations can be reduced, and to take appropriate action where possible.

Raw Materials

Careful consideration is taken when selecting raw materials. Commercial factors, such as cost and performance, are balanced against any possible effects on the environment. 

Surfactants and detergents (tensides) used in Clover Chemicals’ products comply with the very strict European legislation on biodegradability (Regulation EC No. 648/2004). This legislation covers the primary biodegradability and final biodegradation of products.
Products can biodegrade into harmless materials, but also potentially into harmful materials. Sometimes the biodegradation products are more harmful than the existing products. Thus, not only biodegradability but also the harm that can be caused by biodegradation products must be considered. Clover Chemicals Ltd researches these factors when formulating new products to ensure that the products are of minimum impact to the environment.
Clover Chemicals do not purchase or use Nonylphenolethoxylates (NPEs). NPEs, although biodegradable, have suspect breakdown products and are thus banned from use in the EU (but not other areas of the world). It is an offense, punishable by a prison sentence to stock products or to sell them in the EU if they contain NPE's.
V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Clover Chemicals Ltd research and implement alternatives to the use of Volatile Organic Compounds in their products. Volatile Organic Compounds are harmful to the environment as they do not have a simple biodegradation route and can build up in the air.
Formaldehyde and Chlorinated Solvents
Clover Chemicals Ltd do not use these harmful products or any raw materials containing them.
All the products manufactured by Clover Chemicals are free from Nitrilotriacetate (NTA).

Packaging Waste

Clover Chemicals Ltd is committed to reducing packaging waste. The company is a member of Valpak and Raepak to ensure compliance with waste recovery schemes in the UK and Ireland.  
Clover products sold into Europe carry the ‘green dot’ on the label. This shows that Clover Chemicals pays a contribution to a scheme whereby packaging is recovered and recycled on their behalf.

Energy Footprint

Clover Chemicals Ltd also works to reduce the overall energy consumption (carbon footprint) that is involved in a product’s life cycle, ie. the energy consumed in its manufacture, packaging, transportation and eventual use. This ‘energy footprint’ can be reduced, for example, by developing concentrated products that produce optimum results when used economically. This means that less packaging must be produced and disposed of, and energy is saved on transportation.




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