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Drain dosing with UltraFLOWZi-GEST Enzyme Drain Maintainer is an efficient method of grease management and will also break down other organic food matter such as proteins and starches. 

UltraFLOW & Zi-GEST drain system for drain dosing is used on many sites to great effect. 

Clover UltraFLOW is robust, battery powered, automatic biological-dosing system that continuously protects your kitchen drain lines from the build up of fats, oils and grease. 

A measured and timed dose of Zi-GEST biological fluid is automatically introduced directly into grease traps, drains, gullies and other problem areas.

UltraFLOW consists of a simple peristaltic dosing pump and is used in conjunction with Zi-GEST enzyme digestion fluid. The UltraFLOW dispenser is normally wall mounted close to the source of wastewater discharge.

Regular dosing of Zi-GEST creates an active grease digestion system within your drain lines, continuously providing protection from the build up of the fats, oils, grease and proteins associated with industrial kitchen drainage.
Fully automated
Battery powered
Maintains drains
Avoid blockages
Decrease odours
Easy to install

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