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Swift  (603)
Clean & Shine Furniture Polish
A ready to use furniture polish designed to clean, freshen and leave a shine. Wax-free formula.

Prestige  (601)
High Wax Furniture Polish
A ready to use wax-based furniture polish designed to clean, freshen and create a gloss shine.

Dazzle  (715)
Stainless Steel Cleaner/Polish
A ready-to-use polish for stainless steel and bright metals. Odourless and food safe.

Leather Cleaner  (452)
Cleaner for Leather Items
A water based cleaner for cleaning leather. For use on leather items, furniture, seats, chairs & saddles.

MetaGlynt  (708)
Metal Polish
Cleans, polishes, shines, and removes stains, tarnishing, discoloration and oxidation.

UB90  (999)
Universal Room Cleaner
A super concentrated multi-surface room cleaner. Cleans all washable surfaces leaving a fresh fragrance.

Brite  (701)
Window, Mirror and Plastic Cleaner
A ready-to-use high purity glass, mirror and surface cleaner. Non-residual action for gymnasium equipment.

UB80  (998)
Concentrated Glass Cleaner
A super concentrated glass and surface cleaner. Fast-acting, non-residual formula for all washable surfaces.

Inkov  (712)
Ink and Pen Mark Remover
A fast-acting ink and Pen mark remover designed to be effective against a range of inks and pen marks.

Swot  (256)
Spray Bleach
Foaming spray & wipe with bleach


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