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Moisturising Hand Soap
Clover ECO-SOAP is an Ecolabel hand soap ideal for regular use in a wide variety of areas such as health clubs, hotels, changing rooms, offices, etc.

Degreaser Concentrate
Concentrated degreaser for the removal of grease, fats and oils. Ecolabel approved.

All Purpose Cleaner
For use on all washable hard surfaces, including glass, chrome, marble and aluminium. Ecolabel approved.

Hand Dishwashing Detergent
Washing-up liquid for dosmestic and commercial use. Ecolabel approved.

Washroom Cleaner
Removes soiling and water scale from water washable hard surfaces, including stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, glass and plastic. Ecolabel approved.

Toilet Cleaner
For use on all toilet and urinal installations. Safe for use on stainless steel, porcelain and GRP. Ecolabel approved.

What is the Ecolabel?


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