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Trio 100  (201)
Sanitiser Concentrate
Odourless, concentrated sanitiser. Safe on all surfaces.

AX  (242)
Ready to use Bactericidal Cleaner
A ready to use, fast acting sanitiser which is quick drying, non-tainting and food safe.

Sola-Bac  (319)
Heavy Duty Bactericidal Cleaner
A heavy duty alkali sanitiser and degreaser. Odourless and non-tainting.

Versan  (260)
Broad Spectrum Disinfectant for Disease Control
Broad spectrum disinfectant for disease prevention, suitable for medical, animal and food industry areas.

Vegibac  (234)
Bactericidal Vegetable Wash
A sodium hypochlorite based food processing aid that rapidly reduces the bacteria count on the surface of raw vegetables and salad items.

Foam Cleaner  (219)
Bactericidal Foaming Cleaner
A ready-to-use bactericidal cleaner. The odourless food safe formula removes food oils effectively.


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