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Ultrafresh  (808)
Perfumed Cleaner and Disinfectant
A bactericidal cleaner and disinfectant with a long lasting pine fragrance.

Fresh Wild Lemon  (202)
Daily Cleaner and Disinfectant
A concentrated cleaner and disinfectant with a fresh lemon fragrance.

AHS  (222)
Alcohol Hand Gel
A fast-drying alcohol-based hand gel which contains 60% alcohols and conditioners for frequent use.

Bio-Dox  (213)
Hygienic Hand Soap
A viscous, odourless hand soap that is mild and free rinsing for frequent use in hygiene areas.

Sluice Wash  (337)
Sluice & Bedpan Detergent
A powerful detergent which ensures excellent performance in cleaning commode pots, bedpans, urine bottles and utensils.

Sanex  (208)
Odour and Urine Neutraliser
Cleans away unwanted odours by neutralising the odour molecule, and is particularly effective against urine odours.


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