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What is a Cleaning Schedule?
Schedules highlight the product to be used for each cleaning task, the method of application and the frequency of use. When each task is completed, it is ticked off on the chart to provide a record for EHO inspections.
Frequency of cleaning tasks are separated into the following categories:
Daily Cleaning: Cleaning tasks that are the absolute minimum that must be done on a daily basis to keep hygienic conditions.
Weekly Cleaning: Although most of these tasks don’t require daily work, they are still some of the most important tasks that need to be done in catering environments. 
Monthly Cleaning: These are areas that can afford to be neglected during your daily and weekly cleaning sessions, but ultimately a good thorough monthly cleaning is needed.
What are the benefits of a Cleaning Schedule?
Helps to implement an effective cleaning regime.
Simplifies the training of kitchen staff.
Shows due diligence and awareness of HACCP.
Ensures compliance to Food Safety standard BS EN 22000.
Preparing a Cleaning Schedule
Christeyns PH supplies a survey form available for download from the Christeyns PH website. From the completed survey form, technical advisors at Christeyns PH will work with distributors to draw up a cleaning schedule that is specific to your kitchen. 


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