-  is the new ecological standard pioneered by Clover Chemicals to clarify a product’s green credentials, and we have awarded it to a specially selected range of existing products which attain excellent environmental performance. These products will now carry the TRECOS logo, which covers all aspects of a products environmental profile, including transport impact, biodegradability, packaging, energy etc.
Products are awarded the TRECOS mark if they obtain a low product category score according to the TRECOS Ten Rules of environmental impact. Products with the TRECOS mark reduce the impact of the cleaning process on the environment.

TRECOS accreditation is based on ten factors Clover Chemicals believes are fundamental to the evaluation of the ecological and environmental impact of products in the cleaning industry.
The 10 factors that are used to calculate the impact on the environment can be viewed here


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We are pleased to launch some completely new products under the European Eco-label, an EU standard for products that are highly ecologically sound.  Clover Eco-products have been tested and verified by an independent laboratory and are now registered with DEFRA.

Learn more about the EU Ecolabel here or
for more information visit the EU Ecolabel website www.ecolabel.eu   

Clover ECO products can be found listed on The European Eco-label Catalogue website.


Super Concentrated products for use with the systems Ultrablend 1, Ultrablend 4 and Ultra Dose.




Wash Up


Foor Maintainer

Air Freshener

Glass Cleaner


Clover’s colour-coded system for the easy training of cleaning staff.

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